Creativity in education for future generations

January 23, 2020by Bobbie0

A really interesting article by Nesta’s Joysy John (Director of Education) and Jed Cinnamon (Education team Senior Programme Manager) recently got my attention (to read the article click here) Having worked with children in various roles for more than twenty years, I’ve experienced first hand how much the system has changed for the young people of today and sadly, not for the better.

The alarming increase in mental health problems in children needs to be addressed and creativity being a more dominant part of education would be welcomed with open arms.

As a Youth Mental Health First Aider, it’s an area I’m particularly passionate about. Creativity plays a vital role in every aspect of development in young people, including development of their own ideas, self expression, problem solving, motor skills, resilience, resourcefulness, navigating changes and overcoming obstacles, to name just a few!

The misconception that creativity is ‘only art’ and ‘for artists’ alone, that it cannot be learned, or does not impact prosperity and productivity in the same way as literacy and numeracy, is long outlived, it encompasses so much more.

‘The Association of School and College Leaders’ general election manifesto calls for ‘a curriculum fit for the 21st century’, including the skills and knowledge needed to thrive. The Confederation of British Industry has argued for an education that prepares young people with character, knowledge and skills, including a renewed focus on creativity.’

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