From Plant to Plate

September 8, 2019by Bobbie0

Happy September – I hope everyone’s had a great first week back at school, the summer holidays feel like a distant memory now!

I’ve had a great week back in school meeting the children in my new classes that I’ll be working with this year. The rainy evenings this week have been filled with lots of exciting planning for the year ahead with Indigo!

This weekend, I’ve been busy working on my allotment, harvesting some vegetables. It’s been really exciting to see what’s been successful. For those that grew runner beans and carrots with us over summer, how are they doing?! Please do share their progress with us!

I love to include different gardening and nature activities at holiday club, whether it’s growing plants, creating miniature gardens, crafting collages and decorations from scavenged items, making wildlife-assisting accessories for the garden or doing nature trails and bushcraft.

Spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities, not only engages children in physical activity but is also good for their mental health – a very important factor, in today’s pressured society.

I think that it’s such a positive thing for children to learn about where food comes from, how it grows, the life cycle of plants, seasons, weather, colours, textures and the environment – just to name a few – in an imaginative, fun and hands-on way, outside of the classroom, without even realising they are learning.

Gardening engages so many senses, develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It promotes responsibility, patience and taking part in group gardening activities develops their social skills, as they work together with children of different ages, cultures and backgrounds.

There are so many valuable lessons they can learn, which all helps to encourage healthier lifestyles moving through their lives, as well as allowing them the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, stimulating their imaginations.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend – we’d love to hear what you’ve all been up to outdoors!

Wishing you fun and positivity for the next week ahead!

Bobbie x

Creative Co-ordinator & Founder

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