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Gripping a paintbrush, drawing dots and lines, mixing colors, cutting with scissors, controlling a glue stick or squeezing a glue bottle, kneading and rolling play-dough, tearing paper, moulding clay, sewing a needle and thread, sprinkling glitter - all of these tasks require dexterity and coordination, yet they are so fun and rewarding that children want to do them over and over.


Although arts and crafts do fit together, they are often mistaken to be one and the same thing but according to art therapist, Anne Reyner, they are different processes which involve different skill types. Art is very much more about unstructured activities which give children the chance to explore more freely with their imagination, whereas craft, although it may still involve elements of imagination, is much more structured, with a specific goal in mind.

Not only can crafting be great fun and a wonderful chance for children to absorb themselves in a structured activity, it also has enormous benefits that help with the physical aspects of learning such as fine motor skills; co-ordination and visual processing; building self-esteem and resilience through problem-solving during the making process and improving listening skills, with the ability to follow instructions. When we have team projects, it also allows them the chance to listen to the ideas of others, discuss their own ideas and collaborate in a relaxed and fun environment, which together, are all valuable life skills.

At Indigo, we try to introduce children to as wide a range of different crafts as possible. By doing so, this gives young people the ability to develop their own individual craft interests. For example, when we work with clay, it may spark a strong interest in pottery and they may go on to develop and nurture their skills and talents in that area. Children who come back to holiday club time and time again, look back on their progress and see how they have strengthened and refined their skills.

They also learn that not only do they have the ability to follow directions to achieve an end result, but that it is actually an integral part of the satisfaction of seeing the finished craft they’ve made. Whether it’s a birdhouse made from junk modelling, a shrink-art keyring, a clay pot or animal, a friendship bracelet or a hand-stitched pouch; the basic step-by-step process to reach the final result is the same, and they can achieve the same satisfaction whatever it is they have made.



As kids engage in craft activities over time, their fine motor skills improve – a positive side effect from engaging in such a fun activity! The list of craft activities we offer is incredibly long and always expanding, from junk modelling recycled materials with different themes (e.g. animals, musical instruments, games) pottery (plates, dishes, vases, animals, handprint bowls) fridge magnets, embroidery (bookmarks, hanging decorations, toys, coasters) to scratch art, keyrings, photo frames and greetings cards, just to name a few.

We have regular seasonal craft activities and develop and adapt new ones each time holiday club comes around, incorporating any national/international festivals or annual celebrations that might be occurring at the time we’re running, such as Christmas, Easter, The Olympics, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year.

One of the nicest things about Indigo Arts & Crafts holiday club, is the fact that so many young people with similar interests get to meet each other and make new friends – it’s a wonderful moment to witness the birth of a new friendship! Not only that but they also get the chance to work together on projects or team activities as well as their own individual craft items.


In crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations!


All good things come to those who craft!


Craftiness is happiness!

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