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"Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity." - Guy Fieri


Most children will be familiar with at least some kitchen utensils, even if it’s something basic such as a spoon, fork or dishcloth.

At Kitchen Corner, we implement a range of exciting, accessible and fun activities, specially adapted to be child-friendly with easy to follow instructions, all using everyday utensils with the introduction of new ones they might be less familiar with.

By offering the opportunity to create different recipes, working in small groups of mixed age and ability, it provides the opportunity to build on children’s current experiences as well as providing new challenges and experiences.

Whilst we are there to guide them through the recipes, we encourage the children to do as much as possible themselves, including weighing out ingredients and adding each item at the correct moment.

This encourages the older children in each group to naturally take the lead and guide the younger children in each step involved, we also find by taking a step back to allow them the freedom to create their recipe independently, gives all children a huge boost of confidence and pride in their achievement. 


“Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy.“
Mary Berry


Cooking with children and involving them in hands-on activities in the kitchen, such as weighing out ingredients and learning about where food is sourced, is a great way to educate kids about healthy eating and engage them in the preparation of their food.


Cooking and baking is a great way to master new skills, learn new recipes and make new friends. Working together as a team to help and inspire each other with culinary creations!



Fruit tasting is always a popular activity, where we try to include a few exotic fruits besides the more familiar in the 25-30 fruit on offer. The children can taste as many different fruits as they like and fill in a little tasting chart, which they then use to get into groups with others who like the same fruit, to create their own smoothies, fruit cocktails or fruit kebabs. 

We encourage everyone to try new things they’ve never tasted before, even if it’s just a tiny taste – they’ll never know if they’re missing out on something delicious if they never try! 🙂

With our printed basic recipes devised for the children to take away with them, you can expand on them at home to develop your own recipes together and inspire their creative thinking in the kitchen.

We have made all sorts from muffins to bread rolls, cookies to pancakes, gingerbread to pizza, hummus to soup, cupcakes to fortune cookies; often theming it around particular events at different times of the year.