Breaktimes | Indigo Arts & Crafts

All this crafting can be thirsty work. At Indigo, we realise the importance of taking a break to rest and re-charge our creative minds.



We do touch upon the subject of balanced diets and the importance of trying to include fruit and veg in our daily diets. Never mind five-a-day, we offer over 20 different fruits to taste, then the kids team up to create their own original recipes for smoothie making. Fruit kebabs are also one of the many creatively fun and healthy activities we enjoy at Holiday Club to encourage optimum health and vitality.

For morning snacks we offer the choice of a savoury or sweet biscuit, breadstick/rice cake or a piece of toast, alongside a piece of fruit/veg, usually offering at least six different options usually including at the very least: apple, banana, orange, raisins, baby carrots and tomatoes.


We understand that as kids become immersed in an activity or task they can easily forget to consume enough water. Here at Indigo we make sure your children stay well hydrated throughout the day.


“Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for nature. Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy and eventually into sustainable patterns of living.“
– Zenobia Barlow


We are happy to cater for special diets such as coeliac, milk and egg allergies/intolerances etc – any such information should be added to the application form in the relevant section.

The children can choose from milk, squash or water for their morning/afternoon breaktime drink, with hot drinks also on offer in winter.

Water is readily available for them all day long. Cups and bowls are personally named for them each morning so there’s no confusion and to ensure hygiene is maintained.



After all that effort and concentration on crafting and creating, everyone needs a break and a chance to run around and play!  We are great believers in the importance of fresh air, so encourage children to come equipped with suitable outdoor attire (such as wellies to change into and a coat if it’s wet or suncream and a hat if it’s hot).

This way, we always try (when possible) to get outside for a run around, without anyone ending up with soggy shoes and socks or getting cold/sunburnt.

Depending on the weather and conditions of the ground, we have all sorts for the children to play with at their leisure including badminton, cricket, football, frisbees, boomerang, bubbles, skipping ropes, croquet, beanbags, giant connect four, hoopla, hula-hoops and of course there is the woodland and grassy area itself, which tends to make a great setting for their own made up games! 🙂

If the weather outsmarts us and proves just TOO wet, we also have a selection of indoor play activities, including a range of board and floor games and a small cinema room which we sometimes use at lunchtime on the really rainy days, which is always a very popular treat!