Exciting new Eco-workshop!

May 22, 2019by Bobbie0

For one day only, we are excited to welcome a wonderfully talented Lancashire artist, Lucy Pekrová of May Tree Eco-Printing. 

Eco-printing uses the natural pigment in flora to create beautiful prints.  The day will involve learning about this natural dye that plants and flowers produce, and how we can use them to make beautiful artwork. We will then go outside to forage for suitable leaves and flowers, to allow each child to create a scrapbook of their own unique eco-prints. They will be shown the process of wrapping and drawing the dye from their collected items and while the magic is happening, we will break for lunch then spend the rest of the afternoon creating gorgeous scrapbooks. Once they’ve learnt this skill, it is something they may even be able to reproduce at home with some adult supervision and can be used to print on paper and fabric. We cannot wait to see the results from this amazing workshop! Places are limited so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Drop us a line if you’d like to book a place. >> Contact us here <<

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