A half term high and an after school ceramic treat

June 8, 2018by Bobbie0

It’s been all systems go with us for the last two weeks, as May half term holiday club came and went in a flash – we had beautiful sunshine pretty much all week so it was lovely to be able to get outside for some activities, which included a nature trail. We also had a go at doing some observational drawing, where we brought the art room outside, sat on the grass with a lovely breeze keeping us cool and had a go at sketching The Clubhouse and surrounding area in different mediums, including oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal and pencil. I love seeing what the kids produce in their artwork, as it’s so different from child to child! 🙂

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Rather excitingly, we began our first after school club this week at Dallas Road School! Each six week course will cover a different topic, the first one being ‘Ceramics’. This week we had a go at making ‘fridge magnets’ from tiles. The children had a play around, sketching some ideas out, before choosing a final design to create. Everyone did so well, the ideas were so lovely, vibrant and varied – we can’t wait until next week when we’ll be moving on to ‘coasters’!

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