Harry Potter Ultimate Craft Experience Day

November 3, 2019by Bobbie0
I’m not sure it’s possible to sum up yesterday’s event in just a few words!
Everyone really did have the most magical day, from the moment we stepped through Platform 9¾ to the visit to Honeydukes at hometime.
The day began with a talking sorting hat ceremony, followed by designing and crafting our wands as we paid a visit to Ollivander’s. We even had a chat with Dobby! We moulded delicious chocolate frogs, made the boxes for them to go in. The wizarding cards completed it perfectly!
The afternoon started with charms and wizarding duels. Broomstick flying lessons came next, followed by crafting some magical, Marauder’s Maps with invisible ink. The final craft of the day was glow in the dark slime in Potions class which we made in little cauldrons. A Quidditch tournament was not put off by the weather and we laughed lots and lots along the way. The highlight of the day was when the Owlery was brought to us with three beautiful feathered friends that we all had chance to meet and hold. To conclude a wonderful day, the children visited Honeydukes for some sweet treats.
It truly felt as though we had entered an exciting world of witchcraft and wizardry. The children were all amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who came, we will definitely back with another next year!

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