When Environmental Awareness meets Creativity in the Classroom

October 4, 2019by Bobbie0

As some of you know, I work in a primary school during term time – I love my job and every day is different and filled with lots of wonderful moments in my varied work with year six and year one. 

Year one have recently been learning about the environment and what we can all do to help look after the planet. This afternoon, the whole class teamed up to draw a class garden on a long roll of wallpaper. While they were out at playtime, we (the staff) scattered recycling items across their ‘garden’ and when they came in, we all exclaimed with dismay at what had ‘happened’ to it. 


What developed was a wonderful conversation, first about how they felt about the littering on their collective garden drawing then the effect of littering in the real world on plants, animals, people and the oceans. It was incredible to see and hear the acute awareness from 5-6 year olds but also to see creativity in their learning. 


I feel very grateful to work within a team of like-minded creative people who offer these alternative ways of learning for the children. 🥰

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