Our Creative Summer Adventure!

August 9, 2019by Bobbie0

It’s over 20 years since I first began working with children, 14 years running after school clubs, 12 years of holiday clubs and primary school work and just entering the 4th year with my very own business, Indigo, merging my creative passions with my work with children.

During the last 20 years, I have met hundreds, if not thousands of children, so many of whom have inspired me with their bright attitude towards life, particularly those children who battle with a variety of daily struggles yet always look on the bright side – plenty of these children could teach some adults in the world a thing or two!

It’s hard work at times, running your own business, you pour your heart and soul into your passion and it consumes every waking moment but not a second goes by when my heart isn’t filled with joy in what I do; working hard to enable children of all ages, abilities, gender, nationality and background to come together in one place and enjoy what is the most natural thing in the world for kids to do – create, play and spend quality time in nature; making things, making friends and making memories in a beautiful environment.

The last three weeks have absolutely flown by, we have met so many incredible kids and we have had an absolute blast, creating many things, welcoming fantastic guest workshops: Twinkle The Unicorn, Chas Jacobs, Little Zoo to You, Lythe Brow Alpacas, Zak Phillips-Yates, Moments of Inspiration, Hannah Robinson Illustrations and Archers of Dolphinholme and have had lots of fun in the process!

I am incredibly touched by all the unexpected gifts, cards and drawings that have been given to me this week.  Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Indigo this summer; myself and my wonderful, ever-growing team adore working with all your little superheroes.

We will keep you posted with more photos of all the incredible things your children have been up to at holiday club these last few weeks – also watch out for some exciting news about our summer pop-up workshops coming soon at a venue near you!

Enjoy the rest of your summer together, make sure you make lots of wonderful memories.

Bobbie x

Creative Co-Ordinator and Founder of Indigo Arts & Crafts

Watch a few magical moments from our summer creative adventure video above! 👆

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